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3.3 She was still breathing heavily as she stared into his eyes, his face being held just an inch or two from her own. “This is my experiment, Dick. This is who am I am, Dick.” She turned his head and whispered into one ear, “I will continue to fuck myself.” Then, turning his head in the opposite direction, she whispered in his other ear, “And the experiment will continue, as well.” Erica wanted to kiss him.
It didn’t matter that this was Dick Abbott. It didn’t matter that she wasn’t the least bit attracted to him. She just wanted to bury her tongue in his mouth, feeling a strong longing in her own body. But, just as she had resisted the urge to unzip his pants, the dark-haired girl resisted the temptation to kiss Abbott.

Instead, she licked his right cheek, tasting the sweat of his wrinkled skin. He looked up at her in horror. She slid backwards, away from his body and off of his lap. A large, wet stain of her own had been left on the man’s pants, complementing the spot he had soiled himself.

Her pussy was still hot, still wet. And despite having cum just seconds earlier, Erica couldn’t deny that she wanted another orgasm, and she wanted it right away. “I wouldn’t want to have to tell your wife about your little�” Erica paused, “�accident.” Dick had nothing to say.

He had been the one humiliated here that day. He had never been in control. Averting his eyes from Erica, and from the two men who had watched Erica’s exhibition with rapt attention, Dick sped out of the Observation Room. He never once looked back. A silence hung in the air as Erica padded towards the Bullpen’s sliding door.
“Erica?” Colin finally offered, not quite sure what he was asking, and not quite sure what he was going to get in response. The look that she gave him was one of utter shame, and suddenly Colin understood. “Mike, get out of here,” Colin ordered. The lab assistant looked as if he might protest, but he, too, sensed the sorrow in the room, sensed the degradation. Nodding at Colin, and then quickly and awkwardly at Erica, he dashed out of the Observation Room.

Colin, on the other hand, stepped away from the ops desk and closed the distance between he and Erica. Something had just transpired that would change their relationship forever. Even from across the room with two other men present, Colin had just engaged in a more intimate moment in Erica’s life that he had ever imagined.
She continued to sacrifice herself, and her own dignity, for her work. And Colin would no longer be able to look at her in the same way he had before. “Can you take this off?” the girl asked weakly, gesturing at the corset. “Sure,” Colin replied. He wanted to say something to comfort her.

He wanted to tell her that he was proud of her, of what she was doing. He wanted to assure her that the experiment would continue, that Dick Abbott would play right into her plans. But nothing he could say would possibly make the moment any less distressing, so, instead, he simply put his head down and began to unfasten the corset.
He could smell her sweat. He could smell her pussy. And, as he clumsily sought to disrobe her of her corset as quickly as possibly, his calloused fingers grazed across her bare skin. Erica choked back tears. Up until this point, her masturbatory urges had been kept in check around Colin. For some reason, this had been important to her.

She wasn’t quite sure why, given the level of humiliation that she had already been through in front of him. Was it because she wanted to keep her carnal indulgences from a male audience, preferring to touch herself in relative safety, in front of Wendy and Tessa? Or was it Colin, himself?
Were there deeper emotions at work? The experience with Dick Abbott had been awful, more awful than she could have imagined. The sight of her pussy juice on the man’s khakis was etched forever into her memory. The primal urges to kiss him, to suck his cock, scared her.

And the illusion of privacy, which she had hidden behind while in the Bullpen, was completely shattered – she had just fucked herself in front of three men. As the corset was pulled away from her body, Erica turned to face Colin. “I’m sorry,” she apologized, knowing full well that what she was about to do was wrong for a hundred different reasons.
But she needed a hug. Wrapping her bare arms around Colin’s body, Erica buried her face against the man’s shoulder. Her nipples rubbed against his starchy blue shirt, her hips pressed against the khaki material of his cargo pants. Colin, still holding the corset in his right hand, hesitatingly wrapped his left arm around the girl.

He was unsure of himself, and he was sure that she would feel his erection against her body. That she did. Her mind lingered upon it, a symbol of how things had changed between she and he friend. It made her sad, but it also made her horny, which in turn made her sad all over again. She pulled away from the hug, feeling satisfied neither emotionally or physically.
At least one of those, however, she could take care of on her own. “Can you turn on the shower?” Erica asked as she stepped into the Bullpen. “I need to�.” Colin looked back at her knowingly. “�or else I won’t be able to concentrate,” the girl finished the thought.

He nodded. “This will be the last time,” Erica offered, though both she and Colin knew she was lying. She didn’t want to masturbate in front of him, but she had let the animal out of its cage – there would be no going back. The door slid closed behind her, and Colin resumed his station at the ops desk.
With a few quick keystrokes, warm water was falling inside the Bullpen, and Erica was beneath it. Even as the girl placed her fingers back inside her pussy, she spoke to him. “Don’t tell Jamie,” she begged. There was hesitation on Colin’s part, and Erica knew that he felt conflicted.

He had been hiding the exact nature of the experiment from his wife, just as Erica had been hiding her whereabouts from Tom. But she knew Colin, and she knew Jamie – they had no secrets between them, and this experiment had to be playing games with Colin’s conscience.
She wasn’t sure that Colin would be able to keep this from her forever. She wasn’t sure how Jamie would ever look at her again. She wasn’t sure how she’d look at herself again. As the pace of her hand quickened once again, Erica turned, and her reflection stared back across the Bullpen at her.

Beneath the waterfall, a desperate girl, drunk on her own arousal, was finger-fucking herself while a good friend looked on. “She’s humping like a bitch in heat.” 4.1 coming soon Erica_Rivers

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