Unity 3D iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development

This Article is just of summary of what we have so far experienced regarding to iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development with Unity 3D. I hope you will have basic information from this article to decide on the game development from 2D and 3D perspective and get your game development idea converted into reality in the way you want. I would advise to contact us for further consultation regarding the same, as Game Development Company, Morpheous is well experienced in providing high quality iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development in 2D and 3D both

To begin with, if you think 2D is boring, than think twice. Most of the famous games started with 2D or 2.5 D and has now converted into 3D. So, mainly it depends on the type of game and also what exactly you want. Talking about platforms, Unity 3D is one of the popular platforms for iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development. It’s still not the easiest, and surely sometimes it is very difficult to get out of problems we face. But that’s what we at Morpheous are famous for, finding most affordable solutions for you.

Unity 3D contains one good development environment and it also does have a good preview methods to see how exactly your game is performing, but as we know, not any game engine is perfect. Every game engine has its pros and cons. Buying Unity 3D licenses for iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development is bit costly and if you think of having your game developed from it, it also going to cost you some, but it does depend on the features of the game also. Porting of the game is also not that easy as you may think it should be.

There are always some tweaks remaining regarding to performance of the game once you port it, as specially for the Android Game Development, as some of the devices do have bit low hardware or say processing configurations. This is not the problem when it comes to iPhone Game Development and games does run smooth if the programming is done perfect. So, overall Unity is quite good Game Development engine depending on programmer’s skills. So, if you decide to have your game developed in 3D, do not bother if any company suggest you with this, but make sure you are quite clear of the features you want. Happy Gaming!!

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