South Park_ the Stick of Truth Game Review

The game is released on March 4th 2014 on North America.
If we look closer, the game uses similar cartoon drawing as the visualization of the game. The game itself takes the RPG or role playing game as the genre. It might be very weird if we think that this game is a RPG game since; most of RPG games use complex and beautiful visual for the game.
However, we don’t have to underrated this game since; there are many great points that make this game becomes one of the most worth-played game for any games. Besides, this game also brings new experience for any RPG lovers who want to feel new experience while playing the RPG game.

As stated above, the game uses similar cartoon drawing style for the game visual. Although it looks very simple and cute, the game ensures the enjoyment of playing game for any gamers who are interested in playing this game. Besides, the main character of this game picks “The new kid” as the main character with some of his friends to beat some enemies that are contained inside the game.

For the conclusion of graphic and story aspect, the game tries to bring enjoyment and fun for any gamers who want to play this game without using any complicated story and gorgeous graphic style.
As an RPG game, the South Park: the Stick of Truth uses similar RPG style which shows some enemies that can be defeated. Afterwards, there will be many Exp points and other thing for the character. The points are very useful to buy some skills that are very helpful to beat the enemy.

The most interesting point about this game is about joke effect. The game will not find any heroic slashes that beat the enemy that will make the gamers feel like a real hero. For the exchange, the game uses funny and joke way to make the gamers feel very happy and fun while playing this game.

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