Gaming Room Design

When someone is comfortable and feels they are being looked after, they are more likely to stay where they are, rather than moving elsewhere. Your Gaming Room Design should offer your gaming patrons privacy, intimacy and comfort. This will lead to increased revenue from your Gaming Room.

Here are just three points to consider when designing your Gaming Room:

People don�t want to feel like others are watching them play the pokies, nor do they want to feel as though a person near them can see exactly what they are doing.

A professional Gaming Room Design will have a gaming machine layout that allows individual privacy, while also providing the opportunity for groups of two or three to play together.

The Gaming Room Design should also include multiple entrances and exits to and from the Gaming Room. Some patrons feel intimidated by others noticing when they enter and leave the Gaming Room.

It is a clever idea to include a bar in the Gaming Room Design. Alternatively or additionally, offer drink service in the Gaming Room. It is also important when designing the Gaming Room to make sure the amenities are located conveniently so that patrons don�t feel exposed or feel at risk of losing their machine.

The more comfortable people are, the longer they will stay!

Make sure your Gaming Room Design includes comfortable seating. The seating should not only look good but should also be well made, durable, and suit a variety of body shapes and sizes.

Also consider the air in your Gaming Room. The Gaming Room should be well ventilated and the temperature should be controlled. It should not be too hot or too cold. The comfort of your patrons is extremely important.

The Gaming Room design should include a designated gaming attendant area so patrons know where to find someone for assistance, if needed. Make sure the attendants in your Gaming Room are competent and polite and are able to provide optimum Gaming Room service.

Lighting is a powerful tool! If used well, lighting will encourage patron to enter the Gaming Room. It can also reduce player fatigue and encourage players to stay longer.

The first step to lighting the Gaming Room is to illuminate the entry, passageways and aisles. A well lit Gaming Room will create a feeling of calm.
By reducing glare you will reduce player fatigue. Always use recommended fittings such as downlights or indirect lighting as part of your Gaming Room design.

When lighting a Gaming oom, also bear in mind how much light each machine emits on its own. Keep ambient lighting in the Gaming Room to a minimum, so as not to detract from the machines. Avoid using chasing lights that also compete for attention.

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