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Gaming Room Design

When someone is comfortable and feels they are being looked after, they are more likely to stay where they are, rather than moving elsewhere. Your Gaming Room Design should offer your gaming patrons privacy, intimacy and comfort. This will lead to increased revenue from your Gaming Room.

Here are just three points to consider when designing your Gaming Room:

People don�t want to feel like others are watching them play the pokies, nor do they want to feel as though a person near them can see exactly what they are doing.

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Video game makers grapple with need for diversity

� AFP Josh EdelsonIndependent game developer Zoe Quinn, speaking at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on March 4, 2015, is at the center of a fierce debate regarding sexism and racism in video games and the male-dominated industry that makes themSan Francisco (AFP) – An increasingly diverse fan base is challenging the video game industry to shake off its “boys only” image and better reflect the demographics of its exploding ranks of players.
At the Game Developers Conference that ends here on Friday, a hot-button topic was the treatment of women in the industry, with female game makers facing frequent vitriol by anonymous attackers.
“If you are marginalized in any way; if you speak up in defense of marginalized people or progressive representation… it is taken as a given that you probably have been harassed,” game designer Elizabeth Sampat said during a GDC session on dealing with harassment in the industry.
Horrific misogynistic abuse of females within the sector has ignited a long-running debate over whether women are being accepted as equal partners in the industry.
During an ugly two-month saga last year that has become known as “GamerGate,” threats of rape, murder and mutilation forced some women to flee their homes.
The touchpaper was lit when independent game developer Zoe Quinn’s romance with a video game journalist became the subject of an angry online rant by her ex-boyfriend.
What appeared to begin as a campaign for better ethics in video game journalism, however, evolved into a fierce debate regarding sexism and racism in video games and the male-dominated industry that makes them.
Quinn became a target for hateful and threatening comments in online forums, ultimately prompting her to flee her home in fear for her life.
“If GamerGate was an atomic bomb, I was the person the bomb landed on,” Quinn said as she took part in the session with Sampat.
“I could have been anybody; all it took was one ex-boyfriend.”
Matt Weinberger
Festering boil An International Game Developers Association (IGDA) study last year indicated that 22 percent of those working in the industry are women while about 49 percent of players are female.
It was considered good news that the ranks of women game makers had risen from 15 percent five years earlier.
“There is an irrational fear that adding women to the team might be a problem,” said IGDA executive director Kate Edwards.
“It is extremely frustrating,” she continued. “There are a lot of women who are reconsidering even staying in the industry because they are tired of it.”
While video games may be thought of as toys for boys, women players in the 30- to 40-something range outnumber male teenage gamers, according to the IGDA.
The rise of casual play on smartphones or tablets has resulted in mobile games like “Candy Crush,” which was a hit with women, gaining popularity rivaling that of hard-core shooter titles.
“The gaming world has changed and it has changed dramatically,” Edwards said.
She reasoned that anonymous online forums have been used as platforms for harassment by what seem to be young, male gamers afraid that women are somehow endangering their fantasy worlds.
Edwards depicted GamerGate as the bursting of a long-festering boil in the industry.
“It is not normal or rational behavior,” Edwards said. “I think it is the result of fear that a woman will show up and displace the games or community they like.”
Blockbusters here to stay She was convinced that blockbuster action games would always be around, and said that diversifying ranks of game makers was adding to the cornucopia of options, not subtracting.
“There is always going to be a space for the massive game, and there are people who will be happy playing a one-minute game on their phone,” Edwards said.
There was hope that more women making games would result in more women playing and getting into the industry.
“Every year we see more and more women entering the game industry,” said game developer Jenna Hoffstein, founder of Little Worlds Interactive studio.
“There is still a lot of progress to be made, but every year it is getting better.”
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Unity 3D iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development

This Article is just of summary of what we have so far experienced regarding to iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development with Unity 3D. I hope you will have basic information from this article to decide on the game development from 2D and 3D perspective and get your game development idea converted into reality in the way you want. I would advise to contact us for further consultation regarding the same, as Game Development Company, Morpheous is well experienced in providing high quality iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development in 2D and 3D both

To begin with, if you think 2D is boring, than think twice. Most of the famous games started with 2D or 2.5 D and has now converted into 3D. So, mainly it depends on the type of game and also what exactly you want. Talking about platforms, Unity 3D is one of the popular platforms for iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development. It’s still not the easiest, and surely sometimes it is very difficult to get out of problems we face. But that’s what we at Morpheous are famous for, finding most affordable solutions for you.

Unity 3D contains one good development environment and it also does have a good preview methods to see how exactly your game is performing, but as we know, not any game engine is perfect. Every game engine has its pros and cons. Buying Unity 3D licenses for iPhone Game Development and Android Game Development is bit costly and if you think of having your game developed from it, it also going to cost you some, but it does depend on the features of the game also. Porting of the game is also not that easy as you may think it should be.

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Gone are the days where children stick to television serials, comic books and fables.
They need something interesting, something challenging, something more exciting than �hide and seek� and above all, something more fun to do. This has fuelled the ideas of animation geeks and �computer giants� who eventually came up with the idea of video games.
Though these games, widely accepted and a �hot cake� for quite a long time, eventually the children loss their interest with the similar kind and less challenging games. This has given a challenge to the business giants and again they outcome the idea, of �computer games�.

Even though wide classification of these games are existing, very few of its kind are widely acceptable by the gamers- not just children anymore but people of all ages. The most prominent of such games are �motor bike (cycle) games�.

Many motorcycle game have designed in the days followed- super bike, bike mania, stunts, racing, blast, challenge, diesel and death and not to mention the most famous �road rash�. Each and every game of its kind gained a lot of attention from the gamers. If you ask me what attracted so many people, the answer is a simple “challenge”.

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South Park_ the Stick of Truth Game Review

The game is released on March 4th 2014 on North America.
If we look closer, the game uses similar cartoon drawing as the visualization of the game. The game itself takes the RPG or role playing game as the genre. It might be very weird if we think that this game is a RPG game since; most of RPG games use complex and beautiful visual for the game.
However, we don’t have to underrated this game since; there are many great points that make this game becomes one of the most worth-played game for any games. Besides, this game also brings new experience for any RPG lovers who want to feel new experience while playing the RPG game.

As stated above, the game uses similar cartoon drawing style for the game visual. Although it looks very simple and cute, the game ensures the enjoyment of playing game for any gamers who are interested in playing this game. Besides, the main character of this game picks “The new kid” as the main character with some of his friends to beat some enemies that are contained inside the game.

For the conclusion of graphic and story aspect, the game tries to bring enjoyment and fun for any gamers who want to play this game without using any complicated story and gorgeous graphic style.
As an RPG game, the South Park: the Stick of Truth uses similar RPG style which shows some enemies that can be defeated. Afterwards, there will be many Exp points and other thing for the character. The points are very useful to buy some skills that are very helpful to beat the enemy.

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