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Cityville Tips For Easy Game Play

Playing Cityville is a good way to escape from the pressures of daily life and will put you in control for a little while. You suddenly become the master of your own world and have the power to make huge business decisions or to show off your kindness by making the lives of your citizens happy. Simple Cityville tips to improve your game are easy and let you master the game straight away.

Take advantage of your friends. Add as many neighbors and you can to your game, check the news feeds for updates from the developer and leave a comment asking people to add you. You will suddenly have a huge neighbourhood of fellow players who will help you advance.

Visit the cities of your friends every day. You will earn a reward every day you stop by a friend, therefore the higher number of friends that you have means the more rewards you will receive. These rewards are great in helping you complete missions and to level up quickly.

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10 Fun Paintball Games You Have To Play

There Are Other Games You Can Play?Many new people who start playing paintball may find that they get bored playing the same old elimination games. Playing the same old game can get very boring, but luckily several people made up some new ones. I have put together a hub of some of my favorites, and a few variations of play that can make any day out playing paintball a better one.
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1) EliminationI decided to do this first since this seems to be the most common game played, but there are plenty of variations that you can play with to make the game a little more exciting.

There are two teams, whose objective is to eliminate everyone the other team.

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